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Kritik: Diva (englisch)

Combine a Diva, a Professor ‚on wheels‘, a hand as a butler and a little bunny, put it in a pot and stirr thoroughly and you’ll get a first class puppet theatre performance.
But in order to put this on a stage you’ll need a proper setting. As explained by the performer the stage design was inspired by an office chair. The perfect, rotating puppet stage built on this idea, is now home to not one but three different sceneries.

You may wonder what the Diva, the Professor, the Hand as a butler and bunny are all about. Well, here’s the deal: The Professor is brewing a potion in his laboratory, which will turn him into the perfect human. But missing the proper ingredients, said potion is far from complete. Here the bunny enters the scene. He is supposed to collect the ingredients. Without further ado he starts to tear down the Diva’s stage set.
And what about the butler? Well, you’ll have to find out yourselves.

If you’re still sceptical, have some information to hopefully convince you:

- all the puppets are handmade and are being brought to life by just one performer
- the artist doesn’t only maneuver the puppets, but also the music and several mechanisms within the setting
- the piece as performed today premiered in 2005
- sounds and music are provided by a mini disc player which runs continuously for 45 minutes
- all the figure-movements match the soundtrack
- there is little spoken language in English which is easily understandable
- instead of text the production relies on sound and light effects
- you never know what’ll happen next!

And if we still haven’t won you over, let’s summarize the best parts:
The puppet theatre piece features a nifty stage setting with lots of detailed mechanisms and stand out puppetry, all hand made from scratch, partially using junk-parts, by the artist performing the one-woman-show. The piece is being performed since 2005 and has hardly changed since – and this fact really speaks for itself!

Mathias Buhn – Pirckheimer Gymnasium